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Postmodernism emerged after the 1950s, more precisely between 1960 and 1970 in America as a reaction to the formalized architectural “international style.” The style requires the introduction of specific forms where necessary, rather than the use of formal principles regardless of territory and location. Postmodernism is a neo-eclecticism that requires architecture not to conform to … Continue reading Postmodernism


Brutalism was an architectural style of fashion between 1950-1970. Brutalism was based on some of Corbusier’s post-war projects (especially the Chandigarh Court). The style is characterized by rough textures of visible concrete, heavy structures without cladding, paints and ornaments, monotonous rectilinear shapes. It spread widely in the Soviet Union and Great Britain, from where it … Continue reading Brutalism

Organic Architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright

In 1939, the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) wrote the book Organic Architecture. Although the idea came from his teacher Louis Sullivan, who formulated the idea as early as 1890, based on evolutionary biology, Wright consciously realized the principles of organic architecture. He says he is heavily influenced by the Japanese concept of earthquake … Continue reading Organic Architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright