Brutalism was an architectural style of fashion between 1950-1970. Brutalism was based on some of Corbusier’s post-war projects (especially the Chandigarh Court). The style is characterized by rough textures of visible concrete, heavy structures without cladding, paints and ornaments, monotonous rectilinear shapes. It spread widely in the Soviet Union and Great Britain, from where it spread to the United States, especially in university construction. The Royal National Theater in London is a typical brutalist building. It was built in 1976 by Sir Dennis Lasden. Prince Charles called the construction of the theater “the most elegant way to build a nuclear power plant in central London.”

One of the most famous brutalist buildings is the library of the University of California at San Diego (1970) by William Pereira, whom we also noted as influenced by futurism in another library university building in California.


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