Art Deco

Art Deco (literally decorative art) was a trend that emerged after 1925 in architecture and decorative arts in France, and subsequently spread to other countries. As a style, it is a synthesis of neoclassicism and secession. Includes strict forms, ethnic decorations, expensive materials. In America, the style reached 1930 under the name Streamline Modern (Aerodynamic Modern). Although it originated in Paris, the practical realization of the style took place in the United States, where the entire decade of 1930-40 was under the sign of this style in construction, automotive and industrial design. The most famous Art Deco building in the United States is the Chrysler Skyscraper.

The Chrysler skyscraper
Buffalo City Council, New York, also an example of Art Deco.
This 1934 Chrysler is an example of Art Deco in industrial design
From this era in the Art Deco style in its American version are also shown above toaster and radio

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